Sunday, March 7, 2010

Top 5 spring playlist

While I'm in a blogging mood, here's my top 5 picks to fill my head this spring.

1. Shout Out Louds: Airy and Fun. Make me want to buy a sunhat and drive around with the sun roof open.

2. Mumford and Sons: Heavy and playful, for my colder days of spring. Makes me want to smoke hookah and have a long convseration.

3. Death Cab For Cutie: an old favorite I feel I owe another season of obsession to. Moody and aristic sounding with a hint of sarcasm. Makes me want to paint and hug everyone.

4. Matt & Kim: fun and enthusiastic. Makes me want to ride a bike, eat fruit salad, and take lots and lots of polaroids.

5. She & Him: another old favorite. Sexy and innocent with a very vintage taste. Makes me want to go to Berkeley and people watch, visit an art museum, picnic at the beach.

Ok that's my top 5:) good night bloggers.
Alrightyy, so by request (kinda ;D) I'm going to put up my recipe for how to make
"Vegan Fried Rice"
Its not very interesting/original/cool but it tastes really good :D
First things first, make your rice. Thats going to take about 20-25 minutes depending
on how you do it, I used a rice cooker so it took about 25. But you can also use those microwave
rice packets (personally I hate them cos they taste like paste)
I use this Mahatma rice, just because its what we have in my house:) & I made 1 cup of it;
its a white rice (boo bleach) but it did the job.
Okay so while your rice is cooking go ahead and start to cut up what veggies and
such you're going to put in your fried rice.
I choose to go with broccoli and mushrooms.
It really doesn't matter how much you decide to use but fyi when you stir-fry they
will shrink so use a lot more than what you think you need, a lot more.
Next is the tofuuuuu, yay:)
I personally like the "High Protein Organic Super Firm Tofu" from
Trader Joes, cos its good.
Okaay so I use a lot of tofu, like a lot like
this much:) 5-6 good sized slices of tofu. Then you cut it up like so
And add it in a bowl with all of your other bits you just cut up:)
Chances are good it took you only 10 minutes to cut up all of these things, so put all of your
veggies and tofu back in the fridge until you're ready to use them:)
I just thought my fridge looked really cute so I took a picture ;)
Alrighty! So your rice is finally done,
yaaaay, now its time to start stir-frying.
Go ahead and heat up your pan (idk what kind of pan this is, but its the best kind to use)
and add your vegetable oil to it, to heat that up too:)
after the oil/pan are hot add your tofu/veggie mix.
Then stir fry it (add more oil if you need to) for about 5 minutes before adding your rice.
This is kind of important because your rice is already cooked so it really doesn't need
to be stir fried as much but your veggies/tofu are raw and need more time.
This is especially important if you use broccoli cos it takes the longest to cook, anyway after 5 minutes it should look like like thissss,
Tofu kind of browned, veggies starting to look more cooked, yeah good stuff.
Now its time to add your rice, woohoo.
Cute. Stir that up and let it fry for like 3-4 minutes.
Then its time to add your sauces, I used only soy sauce and hot sauce
any kind of your choice, it really doesn't matter as long as you like it.
You're going to add the soy sauce first, I use just about 2 table spoons which is a good amount.
TBH I'm not a big fan of soy sauce, so if you are add as much as you like.
Then stir that up and fry it for just about 1 1/2 minutes so it looks like this,
Exactly the same as before except with soy sauce! Yaay.
After a minute and a half drizzle (I hate that word) as much hot sauce as you like.
Unlike the soy sauce, I'm a big fan of spicy so I used a lot of hot sauce.
Then stir that up, let it fry for another minute then turn your stove off and put it in a
bowl/on a plate, or just eat it out of the pan if you really wanted to. I went with a bowl,
Then let it cool, cos its going to be hot, and eat it with whatever
vegetarian/vegan sides you want:)
I actually didn't eat that asparagus, it was part of my parents dinner and had butter on it,
I just thought it made it look a little bit fancier.
Side Note!
If you're not a vegan/vegetarian you can also stir-fry some chicken or beef
& scramble some eggs and add it into this and you have fried rice.

Okaay thats my little tutorial on "Vegan Fried Rice" hope it goes well for you.


Dear Joaquin Phoenix,
I need you to stop purposely sabotaging your career and make a come back.
I need you in my life.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RIP CR Johnson

My heart goes out to his friends and family for their loss.
RIP CR Johnson